After installing the Emartmall application, on the Menu bar in the top left corner, select "Login" Display the Login/Register.



If you already have Emart membership card: Select “Already have an Emart membership card” Fill in ID and password, enter your membership number 8479xxxxxxxxxxxx (back of card) Select “Check card”, phone number and email will automatically fill out, if not automatically fill email, please enter your email Select “Sign Up”.


Emartmall registered address will be automatically entered according to the registered address of the Membership Card. If the registered address is outside the available shipping area of Emartmall, please go to the Address Book to add or adjust the shipping address.



If you do not have Emart membership card: Select "No Emart membership card" yet Fill in all the blanks Select "Sign Up".

If you choose this registration method, you will be issued a new card number, when you buy directly at Emart you can accumulate points on this card number by logging into Emartmall, selecting Emart points and giving the card barcode to the Cashier.


Emart does not issue card reversely to card number registered with this method.


If you already have a card issued at Emart Go Vap but do not register with your membership card and register with this method without membership card, the new card number issued after being created will earn points separately, do not accumulate points with previous card issued at Emart Go Vap. In case you choose the wrong form of registration, please contact Hotline (028) 3622 4567 or email emartmall@emart.vn for support.



Register/Sign in with Facebook/Zalo: Select the Facebook/Zalo icon Select Agree for sign in Emartmall via other Applications Fill out all information in the blanks Select “Sign Up”.




  • If you already have Emart membership card (a physical card issued at Emart Go Vap), you should register with this card on Emartmall to accumulate points in parallel. In case you change another card number or receive the alert You are using a locked card at the Payment step, please register a new account Emartmall account with the newly issued card number. Emartmall system does not automatically update/change the new card number when you redo the card.


  • Only one Emartmall account can be registered with each phone number. If you have the same phone number with the phone number used before, please change another phone number or contact Hotline (028) 3622 4567 or email emartmall@emart.vn for support.


  • If you change or cancel the phone number used to sign up, there’s no need to change the registed information, you only need to enter your current phone number in the Shipping Information for Emartmall to contact for delivery.


  • If you forgot your login password, please use the Forgot Password function to receive the OTP code that send to your phone number or receive a link to email to reset your password.



Register Emartmall account with Emart membership card to accumulate points when shopping on Emartmall and also at Emart Go Vap.


For every 200 VND purchased, you will accumulate 1 point (point accumulation rate is 0.5%). Accumulated points will be converted to value at checkout with 1 point = 1 VND. In addition you also enjoy privileged programs offers exclusively for members of Emartmall and Emart Go Vap.


Earning points will be displayed on Emartmall twenty four (24) hours after delivery is completed.


The value of points accumulated in any year is used until the end of the last day of February of the following yearand from March 1st every year, the system will self-cancel all membership points on the previous year.


Check membership points: Log in to Emartmall On the Menu bar in the top left corner, select “Emart Point” Show your membership card, accumulation history and use of points along with card barcode.



Lưu ý:


  • Accumulation point history on Emartmall only shows details of orders purchased through Emartmall. Points are accumulated when purchases at Emart Go Vap will still be added to the total points but not shown detail.


  • You can use enlarged card barcodes on Emartmall Apps instead of physical cards when accumulating point at Emart Go Vap.


Log in to Emartmall On the Menu bar in the top left corner, select “Address Book” Select the icon Delete/Edit address or "Add new address" After editing or adding information, click "Save" to updated.



You can save many address information and choose specific address when making a purchase. The shipping address must be within the shipping area of Emartmall. We reserve the right to refuse delivery if your address is out of scope of delivery.


For details, see Shipping - Delivery policy.

Change password: On the Menu bar in the top left corner, select “My Emart” Select “Change password” Enter a new password.



Change language: On the Menu bar in the top left corner, select Tiếng Việt/English Select the language you want to change Press the icon in the right corner of the screen to confirm the language change Select “OK ".



Change registration information: On the Menu bar in the top left corner, select “My Emart” Select “Account information” to review the registered information. You can change the email to receive order



Change VAT invoice information: On the Menu bar at the top left corner, select “My Emart” Choose “VAT Invoice Information” Fill in your company name, tax code, address and email to receiving electronic VAT invoice Click “Save” to update information.



Log in to the account registered on Emartmall. Select the product you want to buy by searching on the main screen, the Product Category or searching on the Search Bar.



Select product: Click on the image of the product you want to buy Select “Add to cart” and adjust the quantity if you want to buy this product and buy other products next.



Shopping Cart: Click the Shopping Cart icon in the top right corner or bottom of the page. Check the product and adjust the quantity you want to buy Press the button “Payment”.



Go to Shipping Information: check the shipping address or change the address you want, check the name and phone number Notes for the order (if any) Select “Delivery time” Select “Continue”.



Go to Confirm Payment Check receiver information again Enter membership points you want to use (if any) Choose Payment method Choose Out of stock product processing Enter VAT Invoice information (if any) ) Select I have read and agree to the Operation Regulations of Emartmall Click “Confirm” to complete your order. Emartmall will send you a message to confirm successful order together with order number.



After receiving the order, Emartmall will process the delivery according to the address information and phone number. In case of not able to contact the customer, the delivery time may be later than expected.


For details, see Transaction process.

At Confirm Payment, section Emart Point Usage input the number of points you want to use within the range of Available point.



Membership points to be used for the order must be an even number of 100. Minimum number of points used is 200 points.


In case of unsuccessful order, your used points for that order will be returned to your account after 23:59 on the same day.

Emartmall have two payment method: Cash payment (COD) and Online payment (ATM Card, Visa/Master/JCB Card).


Cash payment (COD): Emartmall shipper will deliver to customer’s address and receive cash.


Online payment: Choose the type of card you want to use Enter card information Enter OTP code (if any) Confirm payment.



In case of error with online paymen, please call Hotline (028) 3622 4567 or email emartmall@emart.vn for support.


Refund for out of stock products: Customers will receive money back through the bank account used to pay at Emartmall within 5 to 15 working days.


For details see the Payment Process.

In some cases, products at Emart Go Vap store will not update stock in real time, leading to out of stock, or packaging, expiry date of the product does not meet the customer's requirements. Emartmall will remove the item from the cart and deliver the rest. Customer will base the amount on the invoice to pay (for COD order) or Emartmall will refund the amount of the removed product (for online payment).


Customers choose in advance the direction they want in case the product is out of stock.


Remove products from cart and no need to call: Emartmall will not call to notify and directly remove the out of stock product out of shopping cart and proceed to delivery.


Call to notify which product is out of stock: Emartmall will call to notify which is the out of stock product before removing the item from the cart. In case customer do not answer the phone, the delivery time may be slower than requested.



At Confirm Payment step, select "Issuing VAT Invoice" will show Company name, tax code, company address, email receiving VAT invoice for Emart to receive the information and will send the VAT invoice via email after the order is completed. In case there is no information choose “Edit VAT information”.



Emart issues VAT invoice within the day of successful delivery and only issue VAT invoice for the total amount of items. Membership points and Shipping Fee will not be invoiced.


On the Menu bar in the top left corner, select “My Emart” View “Order Status” Check details of processing orders. Customer can call Hotline (028) 3622 4567 to meet Emartmall staff to ask directly about order status.



On the Menu bar in the top left corner, select “Order history” Check details of orders that have been placed in the last 3 months.



Re-purchase orders: Customer can use the "ReOrder" button when entering the old order details to repurchase the same products as the previous order.


Note: product prices and stocks can be changed.



Emartmall will deliver during the day for orders placed before 17:00.


Orders placed after 17:00pm will be delivered the next day.


Emartmall staff will call to notify when delivery starts. In case customer do not answer the phone, the delivery time may be slower than requested.


In case Emartmall cannot deliver according to the delivery time that customer have selected, Emartmall will actively call to negotiate another delivery time.

FREE delivery for under 5km area with orders from 300,000 VND


FREE delivery for areas over 5km with orders from 500,000 VND


Delivery fee by km: 5,000 VND/km


For the available delivery area, please see the Shipping - Delivery Policy.